Protective Screens

After the lock-down, our daily life and work begins anew, but with distance: our Protective Screens provide security to avoid droplet infection. In shops, at the doctor and at workplaces. We will have to live with this well beyond the crisis.

We have developed a set of protective screens to prevent the possible spread of the virus .

We have elegantly combined functionality and form for different applications and sizes. Thus a necessary aid becomes a stylish object.

Install these screens at the front counter to keep customers and staff safe, separation, sanitation and confidence.

Ideal for pharmacies, doctors, groceries and all places to practice social distancing while still getting customers what they need.

In addition to the use on a counter, our design offers variants without a hatch as well as variants for use on a desk with cable bushing.

The modular elements are available in three sizes (120cm, 100cm and 70cm width). The uniformly constructed stands fit for all screen sizes.

Our Models


Shop Image of the 120cm Hatch Covid-19 Protection Screen

The model Hatch has a pass-through and is ideal for doctors’ surgeries, pharmacies and grocery stores and in all places where social distance must be respected and yet customers must be served.

The standard sizes:


Shop Image of the 120cm Desk Covid-19 Protection Screen

The model Desk is perfect for use on the desk with cable bushing and can be combined well with the model Plain.

The standard sizes:


Shop Image of the 120cm Plain Covid-19 Protection Screen

The model Plain has no pass-through and can be combined well with the model Hatch and Desk.

The standard sizes:

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