The Protective Screens

After the lock-down, our daily life and work begins anew, but with distance: our Protective Screens provide security to avoid droplet infection. In shops, at the doctor and at workplaces. We will have to live with this well beyond the crisis.

We have developed a set of Covid-19 Protective Screens to prevent the possible spread of the virus.

We have elegantly combined functionality and form for different applications and sizes. Thus a necessary aid becomes a stylish object.

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Form Follows Function

Our Protective Screens were developed according to this credo.

The unique stand combines design with functionality. Made of 6 mm acrylic material, the stand is strong enough to hold a screen up to 120 cm wide in position.

The chosen design offers optimal stability in combination with a clear shape.

For Manufacturers

You have the big machines to produce these things and looking for ideas and images.

Do not struggle with the pitfalls of creating a good design. How much time and material will you need to make working prototypes?

In addition, you will need images for presentation on your website and to your customers.

Just save all the effort and money and buy our manufacturer package.

With our manufacturer package you receive numerous cutting plans for the production of the Protective Screens. In addition, you will receive a set of high-resolution images for use in your shop and on your website.

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